JB Life Coach

Relationship Coaching is for...



Sometimes the relationship we need the most help strengthening is the one with  ourselves.  I help women in the areas of  spiritual growth, inner healing from affair or abortion, setting boundaries, self-image, and freedom from shame, bitterness, guilt, anger etc.



I work with couples both married and unmarried.  As a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator I can administer the P/E assessment that will prepare you for marriage or enrich the one you already have. The assessment breaks down your relationship into 10 areas to see your strengths and places of growth.

Family and Friends


Whether we are talking about parents and children, family of origin, extended family or close friendships, these relationships can be the source of our greatest joy or our greatest conflict.  Together we can learn better ways to communicate and relate to one another.

Businesses or Groups


The key to a successful business or group is a strong team.  People who understand this know how to work together to accomplish the common goal of the company.  I can help you build a strong foundation or strengthen the team you already have.  Together we can also customize a workshop that will fit the needs of your team.